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The fund

The Generations Fund was founded in 2008 by two Zionist youth movements – The General Federation of Working and Studying Youth – HaNoar HaOved VeHalomed (NOAL) and HaMahanot HaOlim. Its objective is to encourage, strengthen and renew the informal education for youth movement participants and the general Israeli population about Holocaust remembrance and youth movement resistance. The fund’s main venue is to subsidize the youth movements’ journey to Poland, by granting scholarships to disadvantaged participants, and by reducing the general costs of the journey. To date, the fund has distributed over a million and a half NIS worth of grants, and has enabled thousands of youth movement members to take part in the journey. With your help we can continue this important work.

The Generations Fund is run by the Circle of Zionist Youth Movements (a registered amutah – no. 580455699).

The Journey to Poland

About one thousand youth participate each year in the youth movements journey to Poland. The objective of the journey - an in-depth, comprehensive, educational process -  is to pass on to future generations the torch of Holocaust resistance and remembrance. The journey to Poland is founded on the values of Zionism, Judaism, justice and equality, values by which the participants continue to act and to educate – in the movement, in their branches and at camp.

On this journey, the participants encounter the deepest of evils – seen through the ghettos, the concentration and annihilation camps and the killing pits – as well as amazing acts of humanity and bravery – in the underground, the rebellions, the youth movements and the Righteous Among the Nations. The journey process strengthens the Jewish-Zionist identity of its participants, raising with them the eternal, yet current, questions, such as what choices to humans have? Is man born evil? What expressions of racism and antisemitism can we find today? How can we create a good and just Israeli society?

The expansion of the youth movements to include all facets of Israeli society, alongside the growing economic gap in Israel, mean that about one third of the youth participating in the journey to Poland require some kind of financial assistance. It is our goal to allow each and every youth member who wants to go on this journey to do so, regardless of their financial situation. The Generation Fund grants financial aid to disadvantaged youth movement members and contributes to the reduction of cost for all participants.

Help us fulfill our goal – a journey to Poland for every youth member!

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